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We are a multi ethnic, multigenerational family of faith journeying the ups and downs of life together, seeking to follow Jesus and to impact our world through God's transforming grace, love and goodness.   We love welcoming new people of all ages and stages so please fell free to join us anytime.

The Lincoln Union Parish is a combination of churches and denominations, mainly Presbyterian and Methodist. The Parish covers the Lincoln, Tai Tapu, Prebbleton, Rolleston, Springston, Ladbrooks and Greenpark areas. The ministry alternates between the Presbyterian and the Methodist churches of New Zealand. The current minister, Phyll Harris, is Presbyterian. We welcome people of all denominations and none. In addition to our Sunday morning services, the Lincoln Union Church hosts the Lincoln Chinese Church who meet at 2 pm each Sunday.


The early settlers in Canterbury held church services at home. We know that there were Presbyterian services held at the Prebbleton home of William Prebble from 1853 and in the home of the Tod family of Lincoln from 1862. The Prebbleton Presbyterian Church was formed in 1865 and a church and manse were built at Prebbleton. A building used for Sunday School was built in Lincoln about 1864 and this was later used for worship.

With the railway branching at Lincoln that township grew faster than Prebbleton and in 1881 the foundation stone was laid for the new Lincoln Presbyterian Church. In 1889 a manse was built to accommodate the minister and his family and the manse at Prebbleton was rented out. The Lincoln Manse was used until 1963 when a new one was built. The Old Manse is still used for Sunday School and many community meetings and activities.

The Prebbleton church was extended in the 1880s to allow for an increase in numbers and then it was replaced by a brick building nearer the settlement in 1926.

Meanwhile, the Methodist Church was working to realise a grand vision: a church every 5 miles! Churches were built in Prebbleton (1862), Broadfield (1865), Springston (1866 with a new building in 1873), Tai Tapu (1866 with a new building in 1882) and Greenpark. Services were also held at Ladbrooks school. However, during the first half of the 20th century congregations declined and transport improved, resulting in the closure of a number of these churches, including Prebbleton in 1947 and Broadfield in 1962.

 In 1972 the two denominations joined to become the Union Parish. The multi-denomination Church of the Resurrection was built at Rolleston and opened in 1973.

The Springston Methodist Church was demolished after wind damage in 1976 and the Springston Parsonage sold. The Tai Tapu Methodist Church and Parsonage were sold in 1989, with the church being converted initially to a private house and then to a boutique accommodation and wedding venue.  This left three worship centres: Lincoln, Prebbleton and Rolleston. Unfortunately, the brick Prebbleton church built in 1926 was seriously damaged in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and had to be demolished in 2012 and the land sold. A farewell service was held on the 26th August 2012. After a number of years of discussion with the Anglican church about the ministry at Rolleston, Lincoln Union Parish withdrew from providing minsterial services in mid 2018 and is now based in Lincoln.